A different perspective on the JNU issue. Think about it.

Take a hard look and you will notice JNU drama is timed with the "Make in India week" initiative in Mumbai. This is the largest such event ever hosted in India and foreign governments, delegates and businesses are invited. Also of course Indian businesses and media will participate as well. This event will cover major investments and deals that will provide employment and opportunities in coming months and years. It is very positive news for India in this global economic uncertainty. This event is in line with the Vibrant Gujarat Summit which all of have read about and may be even attended.

There are institutions and political parties who want local and foreign media to talk about JNU 'created' issues and not "Make in India week" initiative. They will attempt to show India in a negative light. You will see Indian media go ballistic on JNU issue in pursuit of TRPs. So be aware of this and be very smart how to beat them in their own game. Don't play into their hands. Instead of discussing JNU I suggest spread the good word about "Make in India week". Once it starts trending on whatsapp and Twitter, the Indian media will move away from JNU. Again in pursuit of TRPs.

Think !! JNU issue will not create employment or job opportunities but Make in India will.

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